Festival 2024

13th July 2024 with Ewan Galloway

Following the positive feedback and success of opening the junior programme to all dancers this year we have decided to offer an integrated programme for 2024. Dances are paired together in degree of difficulty and some pairs of dances are aimed at the junior teams and beginners, and other pairs are more challenging for the experienced dancers. Team leaders can select as few or as many pairs of dances from the programme to suit the dancers in their team. If you have any questions please contact the WRF committee. Teams can dance as many dances as they like. 

In the afternoon (1.30 – 5.00), the massed dancing will be interspersed with the demonstration dances and Highland dances. Full details of how it all fits together will be published below in the run up to the Festival.

Click here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

White Rose Afternoon Programme

1The Summer Assembly (SQ)R 1×88RSCDS Book 35
2Cutty SarkJ 4×32RSCDS Book 40
Jovial JackR 4×32Burnell, Leeds Golden Collection
DemonstrationDugald Dalgetty 4/4LJ 4×48Foss: Waverley Fugues
3Liquid AssetsJ 4×32Drewry Stoneywood Collection 2
The Bonnie TreeS 3×32Butterfield: RSCDS Book 46
Highland DanceBlue Bonnets (Mrs West Version) (6 steps) + 8 bar p-d-b finish
4Aileen’s ReelR 4×32Goldring, 14 Social Dances for 2001
The Edinburgh Toy ShopJ 4×32Bailey, RSCDS Book 51
DemonstrationThe White Stag Of ArranM 2x(S32 R40)Jackson: Glenshee Collection
5Hunting The HaggisR 4×32Attwood: Alexander Dances Book 10
Moment Of TruthS 3×32Sigg: RSCDS Book 37
Highland DanceThe Shepherd’s Crook S1x72


6Elspeth Gray’s ReelR 4×32Toriyama: RSCDS Book 53
The Tall Ship “Glenlee”S 3×32Bootland: Glasgow Branch 100th Anniversary Dances
Highland DanceThe Highland Fling 4 steps
7Petronella 2/4LR 5×32Gow, RSCDS Book 1
The Waratah Weaver 4/4LJ 4×32See, RSCDS Graded Book 2
DemonstrationMaureen Sullivan’s MedleyM 1x (64S + 64R)Downey: The Golden Bear Collection
Highland DanceStrathspey and ½ Tulloch S32+R64
8The Luckenbooth BroochJ 4×32Dickson: RSCDS Book 53
Miss Gibson’s StrathspeyS 3×32Haynes: RSCDS Leaflet 10
9Le PapillonR 4×32Skillern, RSCDS Childrens Book
The Flying ScotsmanJ 4×32Hugh Thurston, 12 New SCDs, RSCDS Medal Tests
DemonstrationThe Falkirk WheelS 4×32McMurtry: North Cape
1012 Coates Crescent 4/4LS 4×32RSCDS Book 40
Antarctica Bound 4/4LJ 4×32Goldring: RSCDS Scotia Suite
11The Dashing White Sergeant R 5×32RSCDS Book 3

Evening dance (7.00 – 10.30)

Click here for cribs and diagrams, here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

1EH3 7AFJ32GoldringRSCDS XL
2PortnacraigR32GaulRSCDS XXXVI
3Miss Milligan’s StrathspeyS32RSCDS Leaflets
4Father Connelly’s JigJ64DrewryDonside
5Broadford BayR32GrantRSCDS Leaflets
6The Water of LeithS32WilkinsonRSCDS LIII
7John of Bon AccordR32GoldringRSCDS XXXIII
8The Dancing MasterJ96DrewryRSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2
9Chased LoversJ32WilsonRSCDS LIII
10The Lochalsh ReelR40BurnettRSCDS LIII
11Linnea’s StrathspeyS32WilsonRSCDS XLVII
12The ScallywagJ40KellyRSCDS LII
13The Famous GrouseJ32HaynesCarnforth 4
14The Minister on the LochS32GoldringThirty Popular Dances, Vol 2
15Follow Me HomeJ32BriscoeRSCDS XXXVIII
16Mrs MacPherson of InveranR32DrewryBon Accord
17The First Rain of SpringJ32JoubertRSCDS XLIX
19The Orchards of Co. ArmaghS32AndersonRSCDS LIII