Festival 2019

On this page you can find details of the adult mass dances (including cribs and diagrams) of our programmes for the 2019 festival and the programme for the evening dance. The demonstration and  the highland dances, plus the junior programme for the afternoon dancing will be published shortly.

In the afternoon (1.30 – 5.00), the adult massed dancing is interspersed with children’s dances, demonstration dances and highland dances. Full details of how it all fits together will be published here in the run up to the Festival.

Massed dancing

Click here for printable cribs and diagrams. Click here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

1 Grimaldi 700 1x88R Sq Roy Goldring: Auld Friends Meet
Music is available here
square set
2 Inverneill House R4x32 RSCDS Book 35 3 couples in a 4 couple set
Scarborough Castle S3x32 Leeds Golden Collection 3 couples in a 4 couple set
3 The Aviator J4x32 RSCDS Book 52 3 couples in a 4 couple set
Aas Yooou Wiiissshhh S3x32 The Princess Bride Collection 3 couples in a 4 couple set
4 The Ruby Rant R4x32 RSCDS Book 49 3 couples in a 4 couple set
4007 S3x32 (1s and 3s start) J Drewry: Bankhead Book 6 2 couples in a 4 couple set
5 The Scallywag J4x40 RSCDS Book 52 3 couples in a 4 couple set
Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw S3x32 RSCDS Book 23 3 couples in a 4 couple set
6 Sugar Candie S3x32 RSCDS Book 26 3 couples in a 4 couple set
Crom Allt
(danced with the children)
R4x32 Rscds Graded Book 3 3 couples in a 4 couple set
7 The Dashing White Sergeant
(with the children)
R5x32 RSCDS Book 3

Group demonstration dances

A Stranfasket Hill J4x48 Rod Downey, The Tuatara Collection
B Maurward Medley S1x64 + R1x64 Alasdair Brown, The Burnside Collection
C Ruby Wilkinson’s Farewell to Cranshaws S4x32 RSCDS Book 52
D The Tartan R4x3 Hugh Foss, The Rose Collection

Highland dances (For Adults and Juniors, danced together)

Strathspey and Half Reel of Tulloch S32+R64 danced to pipes
The Shepherd’s Crook S1x72 danced to the band
Blue Bonnets (Mrs West Version) (6 steps) + 8 bar p-d-b finish danced to pipes
The Highland Fling (4 steps) danced to pipes

Junior dances

Click for here for printable cribs and diagrams. Click here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

1 It Should Be Fun 4×32 Jig Roy Goldring, Graded and Social Dances 3
Petronella 5×32 Reel (1&3 start) RSCDS Book 1
2 The Old Man of Storr 4×32 Reel RSCDS Scottish Country Dances for Children
The Waratah Weaver 4×32 Jig RSCDS 2nd Graded Book
3 Flight to Melbourne 4×32 Reel (SQ) RSCDS Book 47
It’s Nae Bother 5×32 Jig (1&3 start) RSCDS 2nd Graded Book
4 Granville Market 4×32 Jig RSCDS 2nd Graded Book
A Trip to Johnsonville School 4x 32 Jig Rod Downey, The Tuatara Collection
5 Crom Allt 4×32 Reel RSCDS 3rd Graded Book
6 The Dashing White Sergeant 5×32 Reel RSCDS Book 3

Evening dance (7.00 – 10.30)

1 Good Hearted Glasgow (J8x32) Knapman:Collins
2 Falls of Rogie (R8x32) Attwood :Alexander 1
3 Gang the Same Gate (S8x32) Levy Book 36
4 The Aviator (J8x32) Fischer Book 52
5 Rutland Reel (R8x40) Senior Book 48
6 Chasing the Eclipse (S3x32) Gallimore: Highland Road Collection
7 Links with St Petersburg (J8x32) Brown Book 46
8 Angus MacLeod (R2x64) Queen: Island Clan
9 None So Pretty (J8x40) Wilson Book 19
10 Burnieboozle (R8x32) Queen Southport 1
11 The Bon Viveur (S2x32/R2x32) Brockbank Book 52
12 Old Nick’s Lumber Room (J8x32) Anon Book 26
13 Staircase in Styria (R5x32) Gray TSC 2
14 Kilkenny Castle (S8x32) Forbes Craigivar2
15 The Hazel Tree (J8x32) Dewry Brodie Bk
16 Mrs MacPherson of Inveran (R8x32) Drewry Bon Accord
Minister on the Loch (S3x32) Goldring 4 for 2008
Rev John MacFarlane (R8x32) Morris Book 37
EH3 7AF (J8x32) Goldring Book 40