Festival 2023

8th July 2023

Here are the details of the adult mass dances, the demonstration and  the highland dances. The junior programme for the afternoon will be published (including cribs and diagrams) as they become available.

In the afternoon (1.30 – 5.00), the adult massed dancing will be interspersed with children’s dances, demonstration dances and highland dances. Full details of how it all fits together will be published below in the run up to the Festival.

Massed dancing

Click here for printable cribs and diagrams. Click here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

1Round Reel of Eight
(Adults and Children)
R -1x88R SqRSCDS Book 27square set
2Jennifer’s Itchy FingersR 4×32Carnforth 6 (Haynes)3 couples in a 4 couple set
 Gang the Same GateS 3×32RSCDS Book 36 (Levy)3 couples in a 4 couple set
3Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich R 4×32RSCDS Leaflet 183 couples in a 4 couple set
 Asilomar Romantic S 3×32RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2 (Cuthbertson)3 couples in a 4 couple set
4Roaring JellyJ 4×32Glendarroch Sheet 6 (Foss)3 couples in a 4 couple set
 Foxhill CourtS 4×32Canadian Collection (Drewry)3 couples in a 4 couple set
5Crossing the Brook R 4×32Social Dances 2002 (Goldring)3 couples in a 4 couple set
 Spanish Dance*S 3×32The Paris Book, Vol 1 (Bascle)2 couples in a 4 couple set
6Slytherin HouseS 3×32RSCDS Book 52 (Ronald)3 couples in a 4 couple set
(danced with the children)
J 8×32
7The Dashing White Sergeant
(with the children)
R 5×32RSCDS Book 3 
* 1 and 3s start

Group demonstration dances

AFifty Glorious Years1×64 J Janet Cook, Imperial Book 4 4C/4C Square set
BThe Sutton Strathspey4×32 SBarry Priddey: Four Scottish Country Dances
CWhen in Doubt, Dance PetronellaS64 + R64Janet Cook, Imperial Book 4 4C/4C Square set
DCatherine Livsey’s Reel4×32 RRod Downey,The Piwakawaka Collection4C/4C longwise set

Highland dances (For Adults and Juniors, danced together)

Strathspey and Highland ReelS32+R32danced to pipes
The Shepherd’s CrookS1x72danced to the band
Blue Bonnets (Mrs West Version)(6 steps) + 8 bar p-d-b finishdanced to pipes
The Highland Fling(4 steps)danced to pipes

Junior dances will be added as soon as the programme has been finalised.

Evening dance (7.00 – 10.30)

Click here for cribs and diagrams, here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

1Miss Allie AndersonJ32Corson: RSDS Leaflets
2Mrs MacLeodR32RSCDS VI
3Gang the Same GateS32Levy: RSCDS XXXVI
4Neil M GrantJ32Grant: RSCDS XLIX
5Inverneill HouseR32Drewry: RSCDS XXXV
6Miss EleanorS32Dix: RSCDS XLIX
7The Rutland ReelR40Senior: RSCDS XLVIII
8192 Miles HomeJ48Sweetman: RSCDS L
9Ecclefechan FelineJ32McMurtry: Petit Chat
10The Castle of MeyR32Walton: QE Diamond Jubilee
11The Silver TassieS32Drewry: RSCDS Leaflets
12Midnight OilJ48Drewry: Bankhead 3
13The Countess of Dunmore’s ReelR32MacCuish Bark: RSCDS XLIX
14The Swan and the TayS32Saunders: Perth 800
15The ZoologistJ32Brown: RSCDS XLVI
16The Duke and Duchess of EdinburghR40Anderson &c.: RSCDS XXXIX
17The Cumbrae ReelR32RSCDS XXVIII
18Culla BayS32Dix: RSCDS XLI
21Mrs Stewart’s JigJ32Ligtmans: RSCDS XXXV