Festival 2015

  • Massed Dancing

    Massed Dance Programme (plus links to more information and videos) or download cribs with diagrams.

    1 Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder (J)  Hamilton Leaflet  once
    2 John of Bon Accord (R)
    RSCDS Book 33
    4 times
    Foxhill Court (S)  Drewry – Canadian Book  3 times 
    3 Major Ian Stewart (J) RSCDS Book 35  4 times 
    Staffin Harvest (S) RSCDS 4 dances for 1978  4 times 
    4 Inverneill House (R) RSCDS Book 35  4 times
    Moment Of Truth (S) RSCDS Book 37  3 times
    5 Macleod’s Fancy (R) RSCDS Book 33 4 times
    Barbara’s Strathspey (S) RSCDS Book 46  3 times 
    6 Autumn in Appin (S) RSCDS Book 31  4 times 
    Granville Market (J) RSCDS 2nd Book of Graded SCD 4 times
    (repeated with the children) 
    7 The Dashing White Sergeant (R) RSCDS 3 5 times – for everyone

    Group demonstration dances 

    Demonstation Dance Programme (plus links to more information and videos) or download cribs with diagrams.

    A Animal Magic

    (Reel 2×64) – Alasdair Brown: The Bourtree Collection
    (Available from the Branch Shop £6)


    Rose of Glamis


    John Drewry: Rose of Glamis
    Dancing Forth Too – Edinburgh Branch 2004
    CD Insert Booklet (Available from the Branch Shop £8 )
    (Medley 32S+32R+32S+32R)


    Malcolm Brown


    (4x40S) – R Downey
    The Tuatara Collection 

    D The Dancing Master

    (Jig 1×96) ) – John Drewry
    Donside Book

    Highland dances 
    The Highland Fling 4 steps    Pipes
    The Scottish Lilt  6 steps  Pipes
    The Shepherd’s Crook Band
    The Foursome (Strathspey & Half Tulloch)  Pipes

    Junior afternoon programme and appplication form

    Evening programme,   Evening crib  and  Application form 


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    • Adult massed dancing
    • Adult demonstration
    • Juniors
    • Highland
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  • Additional information
    • Catering
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