Dear Dancing Friends

The 68th White Rose Festival is over for another year and we are now looking forward to our 69th Festival to be held on the 12 July 2025. Thank you to all who cam and made it such a successful day, despite being indoors. Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band will be playing for the afternoon festival and the evening dance again. Hopefully they will bring wonderful weather with them to match their music.

We are hopeful Alan Harrison will play for us again it is a real treat to have him playing for the Grand March and the Highland dances.

The feedback about the integrated programme trial this year was very positive so will be offer again in 2025. Dances are paired together in degree of difficulty and some pairs of dances are aimed at the junior teams and beginners, and other pairs are more challenging for the experienced dancers. Team leaders can select as few or as many pairs of dances from the programme to suit the dancers in their team.

Date: Saturday, 12th July 2025

The Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band

We hope you will all join us for our next annual festival and make it another wonderful occasion. Those of you who have been to one, will know what fun it is. Any questions or suggestions concerning the festival, please email us.


Venue: The Gateways School , Harewood, Leeds , LS17 9LE

Location and practicalities

The school has excellent facilities. It is in a rural setting opposite the Harewood estate approximately 3 miles north of the Leeds city boundary on the Harrogate road. The hourly bus service (No. 36) between Leeds and Harrogate goes through Harewood. The entrance to Gateways is on the right a couple of hundred yards along the A659.

Yours sincerely,


Chairman, White Rose Festival Committee