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Afternoon Adult Programme

Massed Dancing


Half Eightsome Reel
(half reel with 1st & 2nd ladies and 3rd & 4th men going into the middle for the setting)

(R) RSCDS Book 2 Once

South From Oban
(Full Instructions)

Leeds 10th Anniversary
4 times
The Conundrum
(Full Instructions)
(S) Leeds 10th Anniversary 4 times
3 Lord Maclay’s Reel (R) Collins 4 times
The Rare Bird (S) Bankhead Book 5 3 times
4 Summer Wooing (R) RSCDS Book 38 4 times
Foxhill Court (S) Canadian Book 3 times
5 The Clansman (R) RSCDS Book 32 5 times*
Ladykirk Bridge
(Full Instructions)
(S) Leeds 35th Anniversary 3 times
6 Argyll Strathspey (S) RSCDS Book 35 3 times
The Highland Rambler (R) Leeds 25th Anniversary 4 times
(repeated with the children)
7 The Dashing White Sergeant (R) RSCDS 3 5 times - for everyone
* 1s and 3s start

Group demonstration dances


Bonnie Anne (crib)

(96 bar Jig ) - MacNab

A Twinkle in His Eye


(4 x 32 bar Strathspey) - C Godwin


Findhorn in Flood (Crib)


(4 x 48 bar Reel) -J Drewry
Canadian Book


The Tenth Anniversary


(128 bar Strathspey ) 4 x 32 - S. Shields
Leeds 10th Anniversary

Highland dances

The Highland Fling 4 steps   Pipes
Village Maid   6 steps Pipes
The Shepherd's Crook   Band
The Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch   Pipes

Junior afternoon programme and appplication form

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