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Afternoon Adult Programme

Massed Dancing


The Buchan Eightsome Reel

(R) RSCDS Book 21 half

The Diamond Jubilee

RSCDS Book 31
4 times
Strathglass House (S) RSCDS Book 13 3 times
3 Mr Wilson’s Hornpipe (R) RSCDS Book 16 4 times
The Robertson Rant (S) RSCDS Book 39 4 times
4 Ladies’ Fancy (J) RSCDS Book 13 4 times
Cuillins of Skye (S) 4 dances for 1978 3 times
5 The Ladies of Dunse (R) RSCDS Book 26 4 times
The Dundee Whaler (S) Ormskirk Book 1  Clowes 4 times
6 The Road to Mallaig (S) RSCDS Book 36 4 times
The Highland Rambler (R) Leeds 25th Anniversary 4 times
(repeated with the children)
7 The Dashing White Sergeant (R) RSCDS 3 5 times - for everyone

Group demonstration dances


Walking on Clouds   

(Full instructions)


(Medley 2x(1x32S+1x32J) - Irene van Maarseveen
40 Years On - RSCDS Pretoria 40th Anniversary Book
(Available from the Branch Shop)


The One O’Clock Cannon


(32 Strathspey +32 Reel) X4 - Ian Brockbank
RSCDS Book 47


The Twisted Wizard of Binghampton 


(4x40S) - R Downey
The Tuatara Collection


The City of Christchurch

(Full instructions)


(Medley 2x(1x32S+1x32R) ) - Wouter Joubert
40 Years On - RSCDS Pretoria 40th Anniversary Book

Highland dances
The Highland Fling 4 steps   Pipes
The Scottish Lilt 6 steps Pipes
The Shepherd's Crook   Band
The Foursome (Strathspey & Half Tulloch)   Pipes

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