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Afternoon Adult Programme

Massed Dancing


The Celtic Cross

(R) 1st Carnforth Collection 4X48 bars

The Inimitable Derek

3 for 2006
4 times
Miss Gibson's Strathspey (S) RSCDS Leaflet 3 times
3 Yan Tan Tethera (J) 2nd Carnforth Collection 4 times
Alltshellach (S) RSCDS 23 3 times*
4 Sueno's Stone (J) RSCDS 4 for 2008 4 times
Miss Stevenson's Fancy (S) 3rd Carnforth Collection 3 times*
5 Ray Milbourne (R) 1st Carnforth Collection 4 times
The Silver Tassie (S) RSCDS Leaflet 3 times
6 The Dream Catcher (S) RSCDS 45 96 bars
The Craven Reel (R) 5th Carnforth Collection 4 times
(repeated with the children 4 times)
7 The Dashing White Sergeant (R) RSCDS 3 4 times - for everyone
* 1s and 3s start

Demonstration dances

A Le Moyne and Roger Farrell of Ithaca.
(Square set -160 bar ) - Rod Downey
The Cane Toad Collection
B Maidenhead Golden Medley
(Strathspey 64 bars + Reel 64 bars) - Bill
The Fourth Craigievar Book of Scottish Dances
(available through the Branch shop)
C Luck to Loyne

(40 bars) for 5 couples - Derek Haynes
The 4th Carnforth Collection†
(also available through the Branch shop)

D A Trip to Lorient.
(Strathspey 64 bars + Reel 64 bars) - Ian Brockbank
Leaflet 2008

† if a team with 8 dancers wishes to dance Luck to Loyne please contact a member of the committee.

Highland dances

The Highland Fling 4 steps   boys to be encouraged to get up
Scottish Lilt 4 steps girls to be encouraged to get up
The Shepherd's Crook    
The Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch    

Afternoon crib sheet

Afternoon Junior Programme

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