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Afternoon Adult Programme

Massed Dancing


The Summer Assembly

(R) RSCDS 35 88 bars

The Last of the Lairds

4 times
Gang the Same Gate (S) RSCDS 36 3 times
3 J. B. Milne (R) Foss 4 times
Anna Holden's Strathspey (S) RSCDS 42 3 times
4 Fugal Fergus (J) Leaflet 2007 4 times
Branches Together (S) Goldring 96 bars
5 General Stuart’s Reel (R) RSCDS 10 4 times
John McAlpin (S) Leaflet 2007 3 times
6 May Yarker's Strathspey (S) RSCDS 42 3 times
Rosslyn Castle (R) 16 SCD Thurston 6 times (repeated with the children 4 times)
7 The Dashing White Sergeant (R) RSCDS 3 4 times - for everyone

Demonstration dances

1 The Waterfall
(4 x 64 bar ) - Hugh Foss
2 Crossmichael
(32 x 4 bars) - Hugh Foss
3 The Inverness Reel
(128 bars) for 6 people - Hugh Thurston
4 Haste ye Back
(88 bar Reel) Roy Goldring
12 More Social Dances

Highland dances

The Highland Fling 4 steps   boys to be encouraged to get up
Scottish Lilt 4 steps girls to be encouraged to get up
The Shepherd's Crook    
The Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch    

This year we have chosen to feature dances by the two Hughs, Foss and Thurston. As our tribute
to Roy Goldring we have included 4 of his dances including the dance he devised for the Leeds and the
York and North Humberside Branches, the aptly named Branches Together.

Afternoon Junior Programme

Evening programme and Application form