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Afternoon Adult Programme

Mass Dancing


Grimaldi 700

(R) Roy Goldring 88 bars

The Milltimber Jig

5 times, 1s & 3s start
Cape Town Wedding (S) RSCDS 39 3 times
3 The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (R) RSCDS 39 4 times
The Gentleman (S) RSCDS 35 3 times
4 The Deuks dang ow're my Daddie (U) RSCDS 19 5 times, 1s & 3s start
The Braes of Breadalbane (S) RSCDS 21 3 times
5 The Nurseryman (J) RSCDS 37 4 times
Culla Bay (S) RSCDS 41 4 times
6 Miss Isabella McLeod (S) RSCDS 25 5 times, 1s & 3s start
The Deil Amang the Tailors (R) RSCDS 14 4 times (repeated with the children)
7 Dashing White Sergeant (R) RSCDS 3 5 times - for everyone

Demonstration dances

1 Traquair House
(2 x48 bar Reel) Craig Houston
Tunes: Davina's Reel and Miss Beatrice Whitford
2 MacLeod of Dunvegan
(120 bars) Scottish Dances collected by Mary Isdal MacNab Volume II
3 Bonnie Water
(4 x48 bars) Alba Smiles Better Book
4 Rob Roy
(4x32 bar Reel) Hugh Foss
The Waverley Fugues Book

Highland dances

The Highland Fling 4 step boys to be encouraged to get up
Scottish Lilt 4 step girls to be encouraged to get up
The Shepherd's Crook    
The Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch    
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Note: as the Festival will take place on 7th July 2007 (07/07/07) seven of our main dances are number 7
in their respective RSCDS books and the junior dances are all number 7 in their books. Similarly MacLeod
of Dunvegan in our demonstration dances is the 7th dance in the MacNab Dances, Volume II.
We sincerely hope you will appreciate our choices!

Afternoon Junior Programme