Afternoon Programme

Adult dances

Queen’s Quadrille   43.4 Complete as published
Fifty Years On (J) 43.1 4 times
Sauchie Haugh (S) Lft. 29 3 times – 1s and 3s starting
Highland Rambler (R) Leeds 25 4 times
Silver Threads (S) Leicester 3 times
Swiss Lassie (R)  39.1 4 times
Lady Auckland’s Reel (S) 18.2 3 times – 1s and 3s starting
Chequered Court   (J) 42.3 4 times
Dundee Whaler   (S) Clowes 3 times
Glasgow Highlanders   (S) 2.3 3 times – 1s and 3s starting
veryone to finish on own sides
Shifting Bobbins (R) Clowes 4 4 times [ A second 4 times will be danced with the children joining the adult teams ]

Dashing White Sergeant

(R) 3.2 Adults and children

Demonstration dances

Prince Charles of Edinburgh (R) 39.9
Micklegate Run (J) The Dunnington Collection Vol. 1
Because he was a Bonnie Lad   MacNab dances
New Virginia Reel (R) 39.3

Highland dances

Highland Fling 4 step boys to be encouraged to take part
Scottish Lilt 4 step  
Shepherd’s Crook    
Foursome Reel and Half Tulloch