Festival 2020

On this page you will find details of the adult mass dances, the demonstration and  the highland dances, plus the junior programme for the afternoon  (including cribs and diagrams) as they become available. The evening programme is published below and the rest will follow towards the end of 2019.

In the afternoon (1.30 – 5.00), the adult massed dancing will be interspersed with children’s dances, demonstration dances and highland dances. Full details of how it all fits together will be published below in the run up to the Festival.

Massed dancing

Group demonstration dances

Highland dances (For Adults and Juniors, danced together)

Junior dances

Evening dance (7.00 – 10.30)

Click here for cribs and diagrams, here for cribs, diagrams and videos.

1 Hooper’s Jig (J8x32) MMM
2 Trip to Timber Ridge (R8x32) Henderson: RSCDS 52
3 The Duchess Tree (S8x32) Drewry: Brodie Bk
4 Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder (J128) Hamilton: Edinburgh 90
5 Swiss Lassie (R8x32) Betsche: RSCDS 39
6 City of Belfast (S3x32) Mulholland: RSCDS 48
7 John of Bon Accord (R8x32) Goldring: RSCDS 33
8 1314 (Thirteen-Fourteen) (M128) Drewry: Rondel
9 EH3 7AF (J8x32) Goldring: RSCDS 40
10 Bratach Bana (R8x32) Drewry: Bon Accord
11 Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy (S8x32) Campbell: RSCDS 20
12 Major Ian Stewart (J8x32) Drewry: RSCDS 35
13 The Black Mountain Reel (R5x32) Haynes: Carnforth 3
14 Chasing the Eclipse (S3x32) Gallamore: Highland Road
15 Rodney’s Rant (J8x32) Dix: QE Diamond Jubilee
16 The Deil amang the Tailors (R8x32) RSCDS 14
Scott Meikle (R4x32) McLean: RSCDS XLVI
Miss Eleanor (S3x32) Dix: RSCDS XLIX
Farewell to Balfour Road (J5x32) Buxton: RSCDS 52